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Creating the exciting value of Sony through software.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to binging people thrills.

The Sony Group continues to challenge ourselves to bringing customers "excitement" by creating new one-of-a-kind values and experiences. And we contribute to these challenges through software development. When people hear "software development", they tend to think the mission is to use programming to actualize pre-determined specification, but that's not really our only job. Not to be repetitive, but what Sony brings our customers is "excitement", not products. Fulfilling the necessary features and performance goes without saying, but we provide additional value to create "exciting quality".

When someone gets a Sony product, the first thing they see is the product itself. And when they first turn on the product, the next thing that jumps out at them amidst the joy and anticipation of receiving something new is the software in operation. It would not be an exaggeration to say that our ability to bring "excitement" to consumers is dependent on the software.

We will continue creation and challenges on the front line of bringing customers "excitement".

Yozo Tanaka
Representative Director
Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc.

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