February 4th, 2013 The making of our demo video

Have you seen our demo video?

Today, I’d like to share with you the scenes of our video shooting using pages from my million moments album.

The movie has been viewed for more than 260 thousand times since it was posted in May 2012. Thank you all for watching it.

By the way, the father of the child does appear just a bit in the video. Can you find him?

Note: The screen shots of iOS version are used in this post. The images may slightly different for the Android version.

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August, 30th, 2012 A lunch together with Ms. Tomomi Miyashita, the actress playing the mother in million moments video clip. (Part two)

Following the last post, we continue with the interview with Ms. Tomomi Miyashita, the actress playing the role of the mother in million moments video clip. Will the next video clip be taken in Paris?

Click here for the video clip

--Tomomi   I do help promoting the million moments app by sharing it with my friends.

--Gokaichi   Oh really. Thanks a lot.

--Tomomi   My friends have given me good feedbacks. They, including myself, like the easy way of organizing, using the labels. I write blog myself, so I have a few thousand photos in my smartphone that I've been taking to use in my blog. The app helps me look back the photos, and also let me sort them easily by category such as my pet and my work. The dates in the album also help me recall my memories.

--Aki   May I have a look at your albums?

--Tomomi   Uh, that I need to check with my agent because there are photos I'm not supposed to show in interviews. Hey, can you join us? (Calling her agent)

--Gokaichi   You really do use the app. (Laugh)

--Tomomi   Sure I do.

(Browsing albums)

--Tomomi   This is my dog "Hina."

--Aki   How cute!

--Gokaichi   I love the cute short legs of miniature dachshund.

--Tomomi   Actually at first, I wasn't fond of her long body and long face, but when I start being with her, she quickly became my best buddy.

--Gokaichi   What other labels do you use to organize your photos?

--Tomomi   My niece, my work, and ...

--Gokaichi   Wow, you are a heavy user.

--Tomomi   I do use it a lot. Every photo that I take goes into my million moments app.

--Gokaichi   Tomoko, you use the app more than I do.

--Aki   Gokaichi, you're supposed to be the most enthusiastic user!

--Tomomi   I love the clean design of the album.

--Gokaichi   Thank you. Do you upload pages from the app to Twitter or facebook?

--Tomomi   What? Can you upload from the app?

--Aki   Yes, certainly. You do this and ...(click here for the procedure)

--Tomomi   Wow! How about the cover page of an album. Can I change it?

--Aki   Yes. We made an update and added a new feature to let you change the cover page.

--Tomomi   That's so nice. There were times when I wished I could change the cover.

--Gokaichi   By the way, who started saying let's make a promotion video for the app?

--Aki   I think it came naturally among the team members. There were apps that led to a lot of downloads by having a good video clip.

--Tomomi   Now days, good video clips on internet collect more attention than TV commercials, don't they.

--Aki   In terms of attention, the app hit the top of the Google Play chart in several Asian countries.

--Tomomi   That's fantastic!

--Aki   I saw the comments like "The mother is so cute!" and "Marry me if she has lost her husband!" in different countries.

--Tomomi   (Laugh)

--Aki   Now that we found success in Asia, I'd like to make it popular in American and European countries as well.

--Gokaichi   Tomomi, what have been up to lately?

--Tomomi   I performed in a Japanese movie called "Brave Hearts -Umizaru-." I did a role of a chief cabin attendant of an aircraft.

--Gokaichi   The chief cabin attendant! Did you make some kind of an emergency announcement in the film?

--Tomomi   Well no, that wasn't in my script.

--Gokaichi   Is there any other PR activity you'd like to do here?

--Tomomi   Not in particular, I guess. I'd like to meet you all in my movie! (Laugh)

--Aki   Is there a new next step you're thinking of, in terms of acting?

--Tomomi   Well... I'd like to act in the part two of the million moments video clip!

(Lots of laugh)

--Aki   Shall we go abroad, say, to Paris and take the video next time? (Laugh)

--Tomomi   That sounds exciting! Also, let's show the father in our next video!


The interview we had while enjoying lunch was full of fun chats and laughter. All the million moments team members I work with are good to be with, and I always spend nice time with the team. I'd like to thank Tomomi for being with us. Next time we meet will be at Paris for our next video shooting! (Just kidding...) See you!

Tomomi Miyashita

Born April 30th, 1982
From Hokkaido, Japan
Seinenza Theater Company

Movies: "Brave Hearts -Umizaru-", "Have a Nice Day -Taian Kichijitsu-", "Marebito" TV Program: "Suzuko's Love" CX, "Suzuki-Sensei" TX, "Ultraman Nexus" CBC Voice Acting: Animation "Kukurikozaka" and others

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August, 27th, 2012 A lunch together with Ms. Tomomi Miyashita, the actress playing the mother in million moments video clip. (Part one)

We have interviewed Ms. Tomomi Miyashita, the actress playing the mother in million moments video clip, on the behind-the-scene stories of the video clip and how she enjoys using million moments.

Let's start from the behind-the-scene stories of the video clip.


--Gokaichi   How many times has the video been viewed?

--Aki   It was about 180 thousand the last time I checked. (Note: as of Aug. 2012, it has reached 200 thousand views.)

--Tomomi   Wow, that many. Actually, a couple views are mine. (Laugh)

--Gokaichi   How do you feel about the video clip?

--Tomomi   I had very good reactions from my friends who watched it. They said that my image in the video is a bit different from the roles I play usually. They told me "You do look like a mother."

--Aki   You don't play a role of a mother usually?

--Tomomi   I sometimes do, but once it was a role of an unhappy mother and other time it was a role of a mother with misfortune. So, it has not been a fine happy mother like this time.

--Aki   I saw on Youtube's comments that people are rumoring that the mother must has lost her husband.

--Gokaichi   I saw that too. People are saying "Where's daddy?"

--Tomomi   People are curious about father? The father does appear for just a moment. We did actually shoot a scene in which the father takes off to his trip. It was not used in the final version of the video, but if it were, people would be known that the child does live with her father.

--Gokaichi   Our director chose not to use the scene for some reason. (Laugh)

--Gokaichi   Do you still remember the video shooting?

--Tomomi   I sure do. The weather was so fine. The river side was so nice.

--Aki   Yes, it felt so nice and relaxing.

--Gokaichi   Tomomi, you weren't much like by the dog Ado.

--Tomomi   No, you're right. She went straight to her owner's place, but never came to me. I had to chase her around to shoot the video.

--Aki   Right. (Laugh)

--Tomomi   I enjoyed the video shooting very much. I don't do acting for promotion videos usually, and I wasn't aware of the app beforehand, so I was wondering how it will be like.

--Gokaichi   The shooting staff weren't the true professionals either.

--Tomomi   Well, it didn't look at all like that. Everything went smoothly, and I enjoyed the experience.

(While viewing the video together)

--Aki   Do you have any scene you like?

--Tomomi   I like the last scene where the mother looks back at her child's growth. And the scene where the candle is blown out is, oh so well directed!

--Gokaichi   The scene is indeed beautiful. I recall the shooting of the scene also was very nice. Everyone actually sang the birthday song together.

--Tomomi   Yes, we did sing together while eating cakes. I think the good atmosphere is appearing in the video.

--Aki   Because we weren't recording audio, we enjoyed talking and singing while shooting.

--Tomomi   It was fun!


In the latter part two, we will be talking about million moments app.(Part two is here)

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July, 23th, 2012 The story behind million moments (latter part)

This post continues from the former part of the story behind million moments. The previous post is here > The story behind million moments (former part)

My target users are people who don't want to spend time on editing.

--gokaichi(gk)   Is the app meant for female users?

--aki   No, that wasn't in my mind. I wanted to take in the design that could be accepted regardless of the gender. Ladies do like natural taste, but so do men. For example, men like brands such as Ikea and Muji just as women do. So I didn't really target female users. It just turned out to be that way as the result of pursuing design that can satisfy everyone.

--gk   Then for who was this app meant for?

--aki   The main target is busy people who like taking pictures, and those who have something they love to take a shot of. People who have time take time to do editing and sorting. They arrange their pictures as they like, but I think there are many people who just wish to look back pictures in easy way, simply by just importing the pictures." So in short terms, I would say my main target users are people who don't want to spend time on editing.

--gk   I do see many photos that are manually elaborated these days.

--aki   Right. There are many apps that create collages, but to make it really look good, it does require time and a good sense of art. So after some tries, people stop using them. I couldn't find a good app that allows anyone to make elegant pictures.

--gk   There are so many apps with cute stamps and cool effects, but I think the fact that this app is liked by so many people without such frills is amazing.

You took all the pictures, so you should be able to enjoy all of the pictures yourself.

--aki   So again, I wish people who want to store the pictures of things they love would find this app useful.

--gk   Got it. And I think people who take pictures, but do nothing with them should try this app also. Such people may feel fine just leaving the pictures as they are, but I want to shout out "Try it. It's good to look them back when they are organized in an album."

--aki   Actually, it's a nice way to look back at pictures you don't want to share on Facebook or Twitter. There are pictures you want your friends to "like", but there are pictures you would want to keep to yourself only. You took all the pictures, so you should be able to enjoy all of the pictures yourself, regardless of whether you've posted them on SNS or not.

--gk   I agree. The latest photo apps are all going social. That's not bad, but not all of my pictures are meant for my friends, and it's good to have an app that can keep my memory for myself. The main objective of this app is not to share, but to look back yourself.

--aki   Of course, when you do look back, you will find for sure the pictures you want to share with your friends again.

--gk   Hey, that's a good wrap up. I admit. You need both, recalling and sharing.

Take a lot of pictures, import them, and browse them every day.

--gk   Okay, can you give me a message to our readers?

--aki   You should be able to enjoy million moments more by adding more pictures to your albums. I wish you would cherish your memory with the app by taking a lot of pictures, importing them, and browsing them every day with million moments.

--gk   I'd like to add that this app is made by the team members who love to use the app themselves. The small improvements are still needed, but in overall, we are confident that this app should help you cherish and enjoy memories stored in your handset.

--aki   Our engineers were also proud to deliver this app to the market.

--gk   I don't know how much my pride is worth, but I can guarantee that we all were in love with this project.

--aki   Perhaps we were in love because we gave a good codename, "Torzho", to this project! (It means "I'm gonna take more pictures with this")

--gk   Hey, that's supposed to be our secret!


I hope you enjoyed our interview. Aki, who were so shy to have a camera facing her while she talked, is now planning the next update of the app. Aki is keen to add more improvements to make the app best suit for cherishing the precious memories of all the users. Please look forward to her coming actions.

From our next post, we will be sharing with you again the usage tips of million moments. See you!

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July, 19th, 2012 The story behind million moments (former part)

Today, I'd like to deliver to you the story behind million moments. Myself, Gokaichi, has interviewed the original proposer of this app, Aki, to hear from her not only her passion toward the development and delivery of the app, but also her attitude toward her work. Don't miss it, especiallly if you like million moments and if you are a female audience in the same generation as aki!

So it's been almost a year

--gokaichi(gk) Since when have you started planning this app?

--aki   It was June 2nd of 2011 when I first came up with this plan, so it's been almost a year.

--gk   Wow, how accurate. Do you keep a diary of this project?

--aki   Actually, yes. I was so passionate especially in the beginning. I even dreamed about writing a book on this project.

--gk   (laugh)

--aki   But when I faced a setback in the beginning, I stopped taking notes, so there is a fairly long blank period.

--gk   A setback. For how long?

--aki   For about a half a year. The project didn't get authorized for that long.

--gk   That's tough! (laugh)

--aki   Meanwhile, I tried refining the plan. And I also tried to increase the number of supportes within our company, but it wasn't very successful.

--gk   I understand. Gathering motivated people is one of the hardest thing to start up a new business within a company.

--aki   Unlike the other apps, this app doesn't utilize the latest imaging technologies. So there were opinions within my company like "What's the point of us SDNA delivering this app?" It's very true that this app is not technology oriented, but what the users care is not always the technology.

--gk   Because we belong to a Sony company, I also feel people not only outside the company but also inside the company are expecting us to use latest technologies. So did you intentionally tried not to make the app look digital? I thought the app's look isn't very sharp, Sony-looking design.

--aki   Yes it's intentional, but I feel the simplicity is the direction Sony is heading too.

--gk   Right, it's clean.

--aki   I tried to make it as simple and clean as possible.

I didn't know I took this good picture!

--gk   Let me ask. What do you like most about this app?

--aki   I would say the balance between the simplicity and the richness of the feature. I sincerely wanted to make an app that people would love to use everyday to look back their photos. So it had to be extremely easy as import pictures and done. For people who want to do more, they have options to write comments and add labels. But those functions aren't something all users have to use. It's an app that has options on how deeply you'd want to use it.

--gk   How do you like the layout design itself?

--aki   I love it. It looks even better especially when you insert comments, though it takes a bit of work. By the way, I found out after using this app that it of course is good to look back at my kid's photos, but it's also fun to look back at different sceneries that I took.

--gk   I agree.

--aki   This app allows me to look back at photos I would never look back if I just let it drift pass on my Facebook wall or twitter timeline. When such photos are brought back in the good looking layout, I sometimes say to myself "I didn't know I took this good picture!"

--gk   Speaking of likes, I love the promotion video. I seriously like it. It matches my taste, including the music. It almost made me shed tears.

--aki   Many of my friends tried the app watching that video clip. Our link analysis also tells me that the video is popular. I love it too.

Then I thought this might turn out to be an interesting project.

--aki   Let me turn this around and ask you. What was your first impression when you heard about my plan?

--gk   Honestly speaking, I felt it would be a mediocre app.

--aki   Okay, then since when did you start to feel it's different from other mediocre apps? Was it when you saw the actual design samples from our designer?

--gk   The first moment? No, I think it's when you showed me your scrapbook.

--aki   That scrapbook?

--gk   When I just heard about your plan, I was wondering whether the app would be very natural and organic in its taste, or in turn, it may be in solid taste. I wasn't sure. But when I saw your scrapbook and heard from you that this is the image you have, it came clear to me. Then I thought this might turn out to be an interesting project.

--aki   Actually, it was very quick-made and half-baked scrapbook...

--gk   I think that kind of approach is very good. It's difficult to share concept to people around you, but tools like that and other examples you gave me helped me understand a lot. You've also mentioned many magazines that a typical user would be reading when you explained to me about the target customers.

--aki   This was my first experience to propose a product plan, so when I look back, I'm glad I blindly tried many things that might push things forward.


Continued to the latter part.

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