August 27th, 2013 Rugby Football

It is said that on August 24th, 1823, a boy in England playing in a football game got so excited that he held the ball and started to run toward the goal.

From then on the sport "Rugby", in which players can hold the ball and run toward the goal, was born. The name was given after Rugby public school the boy went to.

An good example of an innovation driven by a rule-breaker, isn't it?

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August 20th, 2013 Festivals

I've created an album of Japanese summer festivals with million moments this time. Drums, stalls, and fireworks are the important components that make up Japanese summer festivals.

Since it's been so hot, I should be careful not to get heat stroke even during fun festivals.

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August 6th, 2013 Sea

A word "sea" calls to my mind the vivid colors I saw on beach such as white sand, blue ocean, and a red beach ball.

Living in a city, it's difficult to feel close to sea in my everyday life. However, my shellfish help me do so. Their unique and amazing shapes speak to me that they came from nowhere but the mother sea that created many living beings.

I also love the tranquility of the deserted beach of southern islands.

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