January, 24th, 2013 Quick guide to million moments: Part 3 Changing the time-span setting of an album

Hi, this is Gokaichi. This is the last post of quick guide to million moments.

You can change the way you view your album by changing its settings. The settings of an album can be changed by tapping settings menu after long-pressing the album or by dragging a page upward to show menu on the bottom. This time, I'd like to share with you how you can change "time span" of an album. By changing the setting to either "1 day per page" or "1 week per page", you will be able to look back your album quickly because the app will allocate only one day or one week per page. The app will randomly pick which picture to fit into the page. I like to use the function to look back my child's growth. Here is how you do it.

1. Long-press the book you wish to change the setting

2. Tap "Book time span"

3. Select the time span

4. Go back to the previous page, and save the settings

Let's see how it looks now.

My recommendation is to change "Picture sort order" along with the time span. By changing the sort order to "Oldest first", you can enjoy watching how your child gradually gets bigger. Please give it a try. See you!

Note: The screen shots of iOS version are used in this post. The images may slightly different for the Android version.

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