January, 15th, 2013 Quick guide to million moments: Part 2 Let's share a page of an album

Hi, this is Gokaichi. Continuing on from my previous post, I'd like to write about a basic usage of million moments. This time, let's share a page of an album with your friends.

1. Open an album, and look for a good page that you'd want to share.

2. Drag the page up to show menu at the bottom.

3. Tap share button at the bottom right.

4. Select how you'd wish to share. I will choose Facebook this time.

5. Write the title of the page, and then tap upload button.

This is it. The page is now uploaded to your Facebook wall.

I will be sharing with you other tips on my next post. See you!

Note: The screen shots of iOS version are used in this post. The images may slightly different for the Android version.

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