January, 10th, 2013 Quick guide to million moments: Part 1 Let's create an album

Happy new year to you all! This is Gokaichi.

Today, I'd like to write to those of you who have recently started using million moments, since there are a lot of new users too. I'd like to start from how to create an new album.

When you first launch million moments, the only album you see beside the tutorial boooks is one named "ALL". With million moments, you can create a new album of your own by attaching labels to your favorite photos. So here is how it goes.

1. Open the album and find a photo you wish to add to your new album.

2. Drag the page down and show labels on the top.

3. Tap a label, and then attach it to a photo by tapping the photo.

4. Go back to book shelf, and you see a new album with the photo.

The name you give to a label becomes the name of your new album. You can give the name from the "Settings" you see on the right hand side of the menu.

On my next post, I'd like to write on how you can share your favorite page of an album with your friends. See you!

Note: The screen shots of iOS version are used in this post. The images may slightly different for the Android version.

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