December, 27th, 2012 Season's Greetings

Hi, this is Gokaichi. This will be our last post to our blog this year.

I took time yesterday and looked back my pictures with million moments app. It's only been a half year since I started using the app, but I was able to recall many memories of my family that must had faded away if I didn't look back. The moment when my son stumbled and cried, the moment when he tried to carry my big heavy bag, and many other moments that captured my ordinary life were all in my albums. I feel happy when I look back such photos taken in my daily life.

And I'd like to share with you that the number of pages in my train album has been growing steadily since then. It was meant to be for my son, but now it's my hobby too.

Also, since I've started working for million moments app, the number of occasions I talk with people outside of Sony has increased. Both the people within and outside my company working for the app are all very talented and nice, and I'm thankful for being able to take a part in this project.

And last but not least, I'd like to thank you all for using the app. We really appreciate your comments and requests. My colleague Aki will make our first shout on this blog next year. Wish you all a happy new year, and talk to you again soon!

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December 26th, 2012 Transferring your album data from one Android handset to another

If you’re a million moments lover (I’m sure you are), and have just bought a new Android handset, you would want to transfer your album data from your old Android handset to the new handset. If you are an iOS user, you can do the data transfer using iTunes.

We are happy to share with you that with new updated million moments app for Android, the data transfer from one Android handset to another can now be done with a few steps. Here is the procedure.

1. Take backup data using million moments.
Go to the setting screen and select “Back up your data”. Tap “OK”.

2. Move your photos and backup data
Quit million moments and move your data from your old handset to your new handset using PC or simply by moving SD card from one to another. You need to move the “MillionMomentsBackup” folder and all the folders that contain the pictures you have imported to million moments.

3. Restore data on your new handset.
Launch million moments on new handset. If the data was transferred correctly onto the SD Card stored in your new handset, you will see the following message. Select “Yes”.

Select the backup data with time and day you took your backup. Tap “OK”.

Tap “OK” again.


Now you can enjoy your million moments albums on your new handset!

For more details please refer to our product information page.

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December 20th, 2012 New additional functions we’ve all been waiting for

Hi, have you already checked out our new motiongraph app and its web site? If you have, I hope you liked it.

But don’t forget to check out million moments app too, because the latest update has just been revealed both for iOS and Android with new features we’ve all been waiting for.

So, what’s new this time?

First, to help you quickly import new pictures to your album, million moments now displays new photos on your handset when you launch the app. This gets rid of the task of tapping “Import” and selecting folders to search for the photos you’ve just taken.

Second, the number of the labels has increased from 8 to 16. We’ve received many requests from our users to increase the number of labels. And I’m glad to announce that we made it happen in this release. Now you can have up to 16 albums, so I hope you can enjoy this app twice as much than before.

The third one needs a bit of explanation, so I’d like to wrap up for today and write about it on my next post. See you!

Note: The screen shots of Android version are used in this post. The images may slightly different for the iOS version.

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December, 17th, 2012 Tips on creating good motiongraph works

Hi this is Gokaichi. Have you had a chance to try out our motiongraph? Creating a motiongraph work is fun, but if you know the tips on how to make a really good one, you'll be able to raise the level of your work to the next level. So let me share with you the two tips today.

1. Move only a small part of your picture
An image looks more natural if you move a small part of your picture, rather than the whole picture. This allows the picture to look more like a plain photo at a glance. Your friend will be amazed when he or she discovers that actually, it's not. So look for a scene in which the portion you want to move is small.

2. Move a portion with a subtle motion Your work will look more like an art, if you make the motion in your picture subtle. The waving skirt in this picture gives kind impression to the picture itself. The subtle motion adds taste to the work and does not distract the image.

Have you also noticed that her shadow also moves slightly? Small point, but lights and shadows help you brush up your work too.

It may take some time to find a good scene or target at first, but creating the work with motiongraph app isn't difficult at all. It only takes a few moves of your finger tip. Please give it a try if you haven't. See you!

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December, 13th, 2012 Surprise your friends with a photo that moves!

Hi, this is Gokaichi. Have you ever seen a photo that is partially animated like this?

We call this kind of work "motiongraph." Isn't it fun? It's also called Cinemagraph in general.

We have just release an Android app motiongraph that allows you to create a work like this very easily. There are similar apps, but our motiongraph app uses Sony's image technologies to help you to create a high-quality image with precise control.

What do you do after you've made a fantastic one? You can of course upload it to Facebook or twitter using the app. Do tweet to us at our twitter account when you've posted an amazing work. See you!

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December 10th, 2012 Getting prepared for the holidays

The holiday season is coming, and I see many Christmas trees on streets and in some stores. Are you preparing for winter holidays?

If you wish to make your preparation even more joyful and memorable, I would recommend you to take out your smartphone, shoot photos while preparing, and make an album. Each page of the album will express the excitement that builds up day by day. Trees, recipes, home décor, gifts, or your to-do list – take photos every day, and your album would be full of magical moments. When you look back your pictures after the holidays, I’m sure you will discover again how special the month of December was.

So, have you taken your photo today yet? Have fun!

Note: The screen shots of iOS version are used in this post. The images may slightly different for the Android version.

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December, 6th, 2012 Hand-making coffee liqueur

Hi, this is Gokaichi. My wife has got a recipe for hand-making coffee liqueur from somewhere, so we decided to try making one by ourselves. A cafe owner in neighboring town taught to us "You should use the rich one", so we bought coffee beans that’s roasted well.

Is it okay for the coffee beans to float like this? I have my fingers crossed that it will be ready by Christmas. See you!

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December 3rd, 2012 A trip to Kochi

Hi, it’s Aki again. The other day I visited Kochi, a city located at the south of Shikoku (the smallest of the four main islands of Japan). The trip was exciting for me because it was the first time for me to visit Shikoku Island.

In Kochi, I explored an area rich in nature called “Kagami”, and enjoyed beautiful mountain sceneries. All the wild and tasty vegetables harvested in the mountains were also splendid.

To look back a trip like this, I would recommend you to change the “picture sort order” setting of your album to “Oldest first”.

Note: The screen shots of iOS version are used in this post. The images may slightly different for the Android version.

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