October 15th, 2012 The new update has come / is coming!

We are seeing a lot of excellent entries to our photo competition that’s going on right now, but meanwhile, I’d like share with you something equally important – the new update for the app!

The new update of million moments for Android is now available, and the iOS version is now in review. In this post, I’d like to share with you the good additional features newly supported in the update.

1.Swipe a picture to see the previous/next one

You can enlarge a picture in an album by tapping it. The new update allows you to see the next or the previous picture in this mode simply by swiping the picture sideways.

2.Clear your labels at once

We added a new function that allows you to remove a designated label all at once from your albums. In your setting menu, select a label, and then tap “Remove labels” to take that label away. Naturally, the album under the name of that label will be removed also.

3.Change the date of the pictures

When you wish to change the date of a picture, you can now do so by enlarging that picture, tapping the “edit” icon and then tapping “Date taken.” This allows you to change the date of the picture that appears in your album.

I hope you liked our improvements. Please update you million moments, and enjoy the new features!

Note: The screen shots of Android version are used in this post. The images may slightly be different for the iOS version.

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