September, 13th, 2012 Let's try changing the "time span" of a book

Hi, this is Gokaichi. I'd like to look back how my young son quickly grows by changing the "time span" of my book. The setting allows you to see either a day's photo on a page or a week's photo on a page, by thinning out the photos displayed on a page.

1. Long-press the book you wish to change the setting

2. Tap "Book time span"

3. Select the time span

4. Go back to the previous page, and save the settings

Let's see how it looks now.

I've created two books for my two children. This time, I set the time span to a week, and looked back how my younger son changed each week.

I did realize he gradually got heavier, but did not really notice the change in his expression. (He has gotten fatter too...) A baby grows up so fast and become a child. I wish not to miss out these precious moments I am spending with him now.

Note: The images and the menu displayed may slightly be different for the Android version.

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