September, 6th, 2012 I don't like how my daddy gives me a bath

Hi this is Gokaichi. Raise your hand if you are a father in charge of giving your baby a bath. My hand is high up. Giving bath to my baby is mainly my role, and I enjoy singing and playing with my baby in bath every day. My older son is especially fond of me dropping water like waterfall from a bowl raised high. When the young newborn son was too small to bath together with me, I gave him a bath in a small baby tub. I did this every day, but he cried whenever I did that. On the other hand, he never cried when his mother gave him a bath...

Oh well, but he got a bit bigger, and he no longer uses the small baby tub. He doesn't cry when he's together with his father in a big tub. It will probably take other seven to eight months until he will be able to play with his big brother in the bath tub. Until then, I should hold back from doing that water fall play. See you!

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