September 3rd, 2012 [report] A photo-taking lesson event for families

Hi there everyone. It’s Aki’s turn this time. I’d like to make a report on an event held on August 26th, at Apple Store Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

The title of the event was:
A Photo-taking Summer Class for Parents and Children
supported by million moments
Take your pictures and store those memories with iPhone

At the beginning of the class, parents took pictures of their children.

Then, they picked their favorite shots, using labels of million moments.

Then, they picked their favorite shots, using labels of million moments.

The instructor asked the participants which pictures they thought are important. Then he shared his thoughts on which pictures to pick. Choosing the photos to discard and not to discard is really difficult because the ones you pick now may not look so good after three years. In turn, ones you thought failure may look rare and precious years later. His thoughts and suggestions were really new and interesting to me, and I nodded many times to his words.

Then came the most exciting time of this class, the children were allowed to take away their parents’ iPhone and take pics freely on their own!

The instructor explained how to understand the children’s likes and interests from the photos they took. Hmm, it was interesting again, and I got my inspiration on my new way of using the labels.

I enjoyed the event so much, and I thought it would be so nice if I could do similar events in other countries. And of course, I also wished to do such events not only with iPhone, but also with Android.

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