August, 30th, 2012 A lunch together with Ms. Tomomi Miyashita, the actress playing the mother in million moments video clip. (Part two)

Following the last post, we continue with the interview with Ms. Tomomi Miyashita, the actress playing the role of the mother in million moments video clip. Will the next video clip be taken in Paris?

Click here for the video clip

--Tomomi   I do help promoting the million moments app by sharing it with my friends.

--Gokaichi   Oh really. Thanks a lot.

--Tomomi   My friends have given me good feedbacks. They, including myself, like the easy way of organizing, using the labels. I write blog myself, so I have a few thousand photos in my smartphone that I've been taking to use in my blog. The app helps me look back the photos, and also let me sort them easily by category such as my pet and my work. The dates in the album also help me recall my memories.

--Aki   May I have a look at your albums?

--Tomomi   Uh, that I need to check with my agent because there are photos I'm not supposed to show in interviews. Hey, can you join us? (Calling her agent)

--Gokaichi   You really do use the app. (Laugh)

--Tomomi   Sure I do.

(Browsing albums)

--Tomomi   This is my dog "Hina."

--Aki   How cute!

--Gokaichi   I love the cute short legs of miniature dachshund.

--Tomomi   Actually at first, I wasn't fond of her long body and long face, but when I start being with her, she quickly became my best buddy.

--Gokaichi   What other labels do you use to organize your photos?

--Tomomi   My niece, my work, and ...

--Gokaichi   Wow, you are a heavy user.

--Tomomi   I do use it a lot. Every photo that I take goes into my million moments app.

--Gokaichi   Tomoko, you use the app more than I do.

--Aki   Gokaichi, you're supposed to be the most enthusiastic user!

--Tomomi   I love the clean design of the album.

--Gokaichi   Thank you. Do you upload pages from the app to Twitter or facebook?

--Tomomi   What? Can you upload from the app?

--Aki   Yes, certainly. You do this and ...(click here for the procedure)

--Tomomi   Wow! How about the cover page of an album. Can I change it?

--Aki   Yes. We made an update and added a new feature to let you change the cover page.

--Tomomi   That's so nice. There were times when I wished I could change the cover.

--Gokaichi   By the way, who started saying let's make a promotion video for the app?

--Aki   I think it came naturally among the team members. There were apps that led to a lot of downloads by having a good video clip.

--Tomomi   Now days, good video clips on internet collect more attention than TV commercials, don't they.

--Aki   In terms of attention, the app hit the top of the Google Play chart in several Asian countries.

--Tomomi   That's fantastic!

--Aki   I saw the comments like "The mother is so cute!" and "Marry me if she has lost her husband!" in different countries.

--Tomomi   (Laugh)

--Aki   Now that we found success in Asia, I'd like to make it popular in American and European countries as well.

--Gokaichi   Tomomi, what have been up to lately?

--Tomomi   I performed in a Japanese movie called "Brave Hearts -Umizaru-." I did a role of a chief cabin attendant of an aircraft.

--Gokaichi   The chief cabin attendant! Did you make some kind of an emergency announcement in the film?

--Tomomi   Well no, that wasn't in my script.

--Gokaichi   Is there any other PR activity you'd like to do here?

--Tomomi   Not in particular, I guess. I'd like to meet you all in my movie! (Laugh)

--Aki   Is there a new next step you're thinking of, in terms of acting?

--Tomomi   Well... I'd like to act in the part two of the million moments video clip!

(Lots of laugh)

--Aki   Shall we go abroad, say, to Paris and take the video next time? (Laugh)

--Tomomi   That sounds exciting! Also, let's show the father in our next video!


The interview we had while enjoying lunch was full of fun chats and laughter. All the million moments team members I work with are good to be with, and I always spend nice time with the team. I'd like to thank Tomomi for being with us. Next time we meet will be at Paris for our next video shooting! (Just kidding...) See you!

Tomomi Miyashita

Born April 30th, 1982
From Hokkaido, Japan
Seinenza Theater Company

Movies: "Brave Hearts -Umizaru-", "Have a Nice Day -Taian Kichijitsu-", "Marebito" TV Program: "Suzuko's Love" CX, "Suzuki-Sensei" TX, "Ultraman Nexus" CBC Voice Acting: Animation "Kukurikozaka" and others

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