August, 27th, 2012 A lunch together with Ms. Tomomi Miyashita, the actress playing the mother in million moments video clip. (Part one)

We have interviewed Ms. Tomomi Miyashita, the actress playing the mother in million moments video clip, on the behind-the-scene stories of the video clip and how she enjoys using million moments.

Let's start from the behind-the-scene stories of the video clip.


--Gokaichi   How many times has the video been viewed?

--Aki   It was about 180 thousand the last time I checked. (Note: as of Aug. 2012, it has reached 200 thousand views.)

--Tomomi   Wow, that many. Actually, a couple views are mine. (Laugh)

--Gokaichi   How do you feel about the video clip?

--Tomomi   I had very good reactions from my friends who watched it. They said that my image in the video is a bit different from the roles I play usually. They told me "You do look like a mother."

--Aki   You don't play a role of a mother usually?

--Tomomi   I sometimes do, but once it was a role of an unhappy mother and other time it was a role of a mother with misfortune. So, it has not been a fine happy mother like this time.

--Aki   I saw on Youtube's comments that people are rumoring that the mother must has lost her husband.

--Gokaichi   I saw that too. People are saying "Where's daddy?"

--Tomomi   People are curious about father? The father does appear for just a moment. We did actually shoot a scene in which the father takes off to his trip. It was not used in the final version of the video, but if it were, people would be known that the child does live with her father.

--Gokaichi   Our director chose not to use the scene for some reason. (Laugh)

--Gokaichi   Do you still remember the video shooting?

--Tomomi   I sure do. The weather was so fine. The river side was so nice.

--Aki   Yes, it felt so nice and relaxing.

--Gokaichi   Tomomi, you weren't much like by the dog Ado.

--Tomomi   No, you're right. She went straight to her owner's place, but never came to me. I had to chase her around to shoot the video.

--Aki   Right. (Laugh)

--Tomomi   I enjoyed the video shooting very much. I don't do acting for promotion videos usually, and I wasn't aware of the app beforehand, so I was wondering how it will be like.

--Gokaichi   The shooting staff weren't the true professionals either.

--Tomomi   Well, it didn't look at all like that. Everything went smoothly, and I enjoyed the experience.

(While viewing the video together)

--Aki   Do you have any scene you like?

--Tomomi   I like the last scene where the mother looks back at her child's growth. And the scene where the candle is blown out is, oh so well directed!

--Gokaichi   The scene is indeed beautiful. I recall the shooting of the scene also was very nice. Everyone actually sang the birthday song together.

--Tomomi   Yes, we did sing together while eating cakes. I think the good atmosphere is appearing in the video.

--Aki   Because we weren't recording audio, we enjoyed talking and singing while shooting.

--Tomomi   It was fun!


In the latter part two, we will be talking about million moments app.(Part two is here)

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