August 16th, 2012 Scrapbooking using million moments

Hi everyone. In the last post from Gokaichi, he created a framed photo using a printout of a page from million moments. This time, I would like to share with you another way of making use of the printed pages.

I’m into scrapbooking. So I thought of using two pages of my album from million moments as the basis of my new scrapbook. It’s not difficult – just print two pages out, spread them, and then embellish them with many different pieces of patterned papers.

One difficult step in scrapbooking is deciding on the layout of the photos. It’s not easy to neatly lay out many pictures on a page, but million moments has made it easy for me to create a page with pictures well laid out.

I believe there are many more ways of making use of million moments. Unleash your creativity, and show us the works you came up with on Twitter, with a hush tag “#millionmoments”. I can’t wait to see your art works!

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