August 9th, 2012 Ado, a French bull dog

Hi everyone. Today I’d like to introduce my colleague’s French bull dog named Ado. She may be the most recognized dog in SDNA, our company.

Why? The clever dog is starring in our promo movie.

By the way, taking a still picture of a dog is sometimes very difficult. If you wish to take a natural picture, you need to shoot picture quickly, aiming at a very moment the dog stops moving.

So, I often use another app from SDNA called frame grabber, to grab a still picture out from a video I took. (My apologies to iOS users, the app is only available for Android. And its distribution is limited to certain countries.) This way, I have all the freedom to pick the best frame out from the video.

If you think you are an enthusiastic phonographer (i.e. photographer that takes many pictures with smartphone), I’d recommend you to try it. It’s the app for you too.

Note: The screen shots of Android version are used in this post. The images may slightly be different for the iOS version.

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