August 2nd, 2012 The new update will allow you to do something like this!

Hi everyone. On my last post, I’ve introduced to you three new features in our latest update. Today, I’d like to put my focus on one of those features, a new option to change the order of pictures within an album, and show you how you can enjoy that feature.

If you need to go over how to use this feature, please refer to my last post.

I’ve changed an album into the “oldest first” order, and now you can see the artwork being finished step by step.

I would recommend using this sorting order, oldest first, for viewing something that progresses in time, like some type of work you do or your child’s race.

Enjoy choosing the different order for different albums!

Note: The screen shots of Android version are used in this post. The images may slightly be different for the iOS version.

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