June, 25th, 2012 Make a book with photos on Facebook taken with SLR camera

The quality of photos taken with recent smartphones is really getting better, but digital cameras, especially SLR cameras still exceed smartphones in its picture quality.
Basically, million moments is designed to make books from the photos taken with your smartphone, but it can also import photos from your Facebook account. Let me show you today a tip on how to take advantage of this feature to make a book with good photos taken with your SLR camera.

Preparation. Upload your photos taken with your SLR camera to Facebook

1. Tap Import icon

2. Choose your Facebook album

3. Select and import the photos

When you open your "ALL" book, you should be able to see your photos taken with your SLR photos. Doesn't the book look a lot more sharper now?

I make a separate book for myself just made of the photos of my child taken with my SLR camera. It's a perfect book to show to any one when I'm asked "Can I see your boy?" See you!

Note: I will be using screen shots of our iOS version in this blog. The images may slightly be different for the Android version.

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