June, 18th, 2012 "Train Book" for kids

It feels like the love for cars and trains is a natural instinct of little boys. The same goes for my two-year-old boy. He loves trains, but for some reason I don't know, he's especially fond of slow local trains rather than the fast bullet trains.

I've been taking the photos of trains for my child with my smartphone. Today, let me show you all how I can make a "Train Book" for little kids using million moments.

1. Tap settings

2. Name a label "Train"

3. Go back to the book shelf, and open "ALL" book

4. Put "Train" label to train photos (How to put labels)。

5. Go back to the book shelf and open "Train" book

6. Here we are! A book with just trains.

My child got so excited seeing the train book and started shouting "Trains! trains!" Oh boy, have I done a good job. If you apply this to cars, airplains, animals, or anything that your child loves, I'm sure you'll become a superstar of your child. Give it a try! See you!

Note: I will be using screen shots of our iOS version in this blog. The images may slightly be different for the Android version.

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