June, 11th, 2012 Share your favorite page on Facebook and Twitter

Hi there, I'm Gokaichi, another one in charge of this blog. It's good to be in touch with you all.

When you make a book on million moments, you can also share a page on Facebook and Twitter.(Android version supports Facebook upload only.) It's really easy. Let me show you how to upload a page onto Facebook today.

1. Open a book, and turn to a page you want to share

2. Drag the page up and show the menu on the bottom. Tap upload icon.

3. Tap Facebook

4. Type-in your comment and tap upload button

5. Sign-in to Facebook, and upload starts!

You made it! When you come across a really nice page, try sharing the page with your family and friends. See you!

Note: I will be using screen shots of our iOS version in this blog. The images may slightly be different for the Android version.

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