May, 30th, 2012 introducing “million moments”

Hi there everyone, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Aki from Sony Digital Network Applications. I’m very happy and excited to introduce to you a new app that I was involved as the product planner. The new app is called million moments.

The new app allows you to create your original and beautiful photo diaries like this:

Do you like it?
Just import your favorite pictures to million moments, and you can then create your photo books effortlessly. If you have not downloaded it yet, you can get it at Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Note: As of May 30th, million moments for iOS is not yet available. It will soon be, so please wait for a while more.

For this app, I tried to keep two very important points in my mind as I built my product plan. One is to make organizing of your photos as effortless and less time taking as possible. And another is to make looking back or viewing experience of your precious photos as indulging as possible.

The features you see in the app show how I reflected the two very important points. In my coming posts, I’d like to share with you the features of this app along with tips. So stay tuned!

One more note: I will be using screen shots of our Android version in this blog. The images may slightly be different for the iOS version.

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