Privacy Policy

It was revised on 30th May 2017. The new privacy policy is here.

Handling of visitor information on the web site

To analyze usage of the web site or to provide a more customized experience to each member in membership-based services, Sony may use cookies, web beacons, or other similar technologies. Cookies and web beacons provide anonymized information for statistical analysis, and, for membership-based services, this information is sometimes correlated with customer-identified information to provide customized services.

When you browse the web site
When Sony sends e-mails

Explanation of terms

Cookies A cookie is a small data file saved to your computer or device when you visit a particular web site. Depending upon how it is used, it may enable the web site’s server to identify you across multiple visits and keep track of your usage of the site.
Web beacons A web beacon is a tiny, invisible image embedded in a web page or HTML e-mail. When your web browser or e-mail program displays content containing a web beacon, the program requests the web beacon image file from a web server. This request enables the web server to record that you have viewed the web page or e-mail.
HTML e-mail HTML e-mail refers to e-mail messages whose main content is written in the HTML language that is used to create web pages. Using HTML to create e-mails enables much richer layouts and use of images than possible with simple text e-mails. E-mails Sony sends to members of membership-based services often are written in HTML.