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Are security vulnerabilities creeping into your Android application development projects?

- Secure Coding Checker is a web-based tool to find security vulnerabilities in Android applications and provides you with causes and remediation measures. By scanning apk files, the tool finds vulnerabilities in your application and tells where the vulnerabilities are, what’s causing them, and how to fix them.

Compliant with the de facto standard for Android security

Secure Coding Checker complies 100% with the Android Application Secure Design/Secure Coding Guidebook issued by the Japan Smartphone Security Association (JSSEC). The guidebook is the de facto standard for the security of Android applications. The guidebook has been regularly updated since its initial release in June, 2012. Accordingly we regularly update Secure Coding Checker to keep it current with the latest developments in Android security.
Android Application Secure Design/Secure Coding Guidebook

1A UI designed with developers in mind

Maximize the efficiency of fixing vulnerabilities with a user interface that shows where the vulnerability is, what’s causing it, and how to fix it—all at the same time.

2Check your app iteratively throughout the development process to catch and fix vulnerabilities and improve your skills

Most security checking tools can be run only once or twice before you ship your app. With the fixed monthly subscription cost of Secure Coding Checker, you can check your code as often as you like throughout the development process. Finding issues early in development gives you more time and more options for fixing them.

3Interactivity reduces false positives

Whether a violation of secure coding standards introduces an actual vulnerability depends on the purposes of the features or UI. By presenting you with simple questions with clear options for you to select from for each identified issue, Secure Coding Checker can more accurately determine whether an actual vulnerability exists.

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