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Checklist for Developing Secure Android Apps

To avoid creating vulnerabilities in mobile apps.

Among PC software vendors and operators of websites and web-based services, the critical importance of measures to address software security vulnerabilities has become a well-understood piece of common knowledge, with the protective measures themselves growing increasingly sophisticated. In contrast, within the world of mobile app development, awareness of vulnerabilities and measures to address them has lagged behind in many cases—even as discoveries of vulnerabilities in Android apps grow more numerous each year.

If an app developed by your organization—or an app whose development your organization commissioned—exhibits vulnerabilities that cause trouble, you may wind up not only facing significant financial damages but also losing the trust of your users, an unpleasant circumstance for any business. To avoid this sort of outcome and provide safe apps to your users, it is essential to practice methods of secure coding at the app-development stage. This document presents a checklist of the items necessary to ensure secure coding.

Checklist to develop secure Android apps

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