One-of-a-kind Technology and rich Experience

Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc. (SDNA) is a company of software development experts. Our aim is to be the nucleus of the Sony group, providing the software used in all Sony products, especially its consumer products. Our greatest strengths are in AV and network technology, where we bring rich experience and extensive know-how, and in our ties to Sony, which we support through our own organizational system. An additional plus is our one-of-a-kind technology, with which SDNA hopes to link the world to the fun and enjoyment of Sony products.


Computers and digital appliances will be the focus of our software development.
Software now being developed at SDNA can be divided into two main consumer electronics categories: computers and digital appliances. In the field of computers, SDNA software can be found in the top-selling VAIO computer. In consumer electronics, we are creating a wide range of software for products as varied as the HANDYCAM and Cybershot digital cameras to semiconductors.


Because we are experts, we can. And we will.
As the software professionals of the Sony group, SDNA has already taken on the challenge of creating new technologies, with the goal of integrating each new development into the renowned Sony product development process. To achieve this target, our team of software experts brings their vast knowledge of core technology to the support of each ongoing project. SDNA also has a team of specialists dedicated to realizing the highest quality and efficiency in software development. These teams leverage their knowledge, experience and expertise to advise Sony engineers during the product development process, creating a cycle of quality improvements unsurpassed in the industry.