Cloud development and operation services - Proven, reliable, best-fit cloud solutions that are powering success within the Sony group.

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Service About Our Services

Solve a wide range of IT problems with the breadth of solutions developed within the Sony group through the expertise of our cloud engineers.

  • Load Balancing Scale to handle massive trafficView details
  • Low Cost Avoid overprovisioning in anticipation of traffic spikesView details
  • Safety Reliable content protection and playback environmentView details
  • One Stop Highly responsive support after your service is launchedView details


Load Balancing

Get optimized cloud solutions to address such issues as traffic spikes and unexpected growth.

Load Balancing


Our advanced system for managing and serving videos and music includes encryption technology, such as PlayReady, to protect content. Our systems address a wide range of content issues and use cases.


Low Cost

We offer a scalable architecture that incorporates features such as auto scaling that can meet your traffic demands without incurring additional operational costs.

Get Microsoft Azure at an affordable price

SDNA offers one of the only ways to get Microsoft Azure at an affordable price. We unify the paperwork on development and cloud environment preparation to reduce your costs.

Microsoft Azure

Operation and Maintenance-One Stop

Our involvement doesn’t end with helping you develop your cloud and server apps. After you’ve deployed your environment, SDNA offers a single source for ongoing operational and maintenance support to help keep you successful.

Operations & maintenance

Use Cases

SDNA cloud use cases

  • case1 Socialife news

    A news app/RSS reader that consolidates your favorite feeds and blogs in one place.
    SDNA provides a Push feature for the Socialife news app with an installed base of over 30 million users.

    case1 Socialife news

  • case2 Sony's e-book, Reader™

    Stores over 200,000 comics, novels, and magazines. We provide a Push feature for the e-book app to increase user awareness of many free e-books and samples.

    case2 Sony's e-book, Reader™

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Should I choose Azure or AWS?
Let’s discuss your needs. We will offer a proposal appropriate to your intended purpose and business needs. Get in touch!
Q Can we commission cloud development from SDNA without contracting with Microsoft or Amazon?
Yes! Let’s talk about it.
Q Is it possible to get services from SDNA to aid development and operation of applications to run on our own managed server?
Yes! Let’s talk about it.
Q What are the operational costs of an SDNA cloud solution?
Our designs are customized to your needs, so costs vary. They depend on the operational tasks involved and the scale of your cloud deployment. Get in touch with us for a free quote.
Q Is the 24-hour and 365-day operation and maintenance possible?
Yes, we offer 24x7x365 support options.
Q What is SDNA’s service-level agreement (SLA)?
Our SLAs vary with your specific needs. We will offer a proposal appropriate to your intended purpose and business needs. Get in touch!
Q How do you secure your cloud service?
SDNA has a specialized team that focuses specifically on security. Beyond the security built into our designs, we also offer security checks and testing for your environment.
Q What is SDNA’s technical specialty?
Our focus is upon powerful sytems to serve and manage media (video, music, photos) and systems that interact with client devices (smartphones, tablets, embedded devices).
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