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video trimmer | Cutout your video quick and easy. video trimmer allows you to extract a portion of a video from an original video recorded with your smartphone.


Set a starting point, set a ending point, and trim

Now days, it’s very easy to take a video with your smartphone and upload it to sites like YouTube and Facebook.
On the other hand, it’s not easy to make the video itself simple and concise, so that people who watch it can enjoy it right from the beginning and to the end.

That’s where video trimmer comes into play. The app allows you to trim down and extract a portion of video that you really need.

It works very simple, easy, and quick. All you have to do is to 1) designate an “IN point”, or starting point, 2) designate an “OUT point”, or ending point, and 3) trim. Then the portions of the video outside the IN and OUT point are removed.

destinate an IN point, or starting pointdestinate an OUT point, or ending pointTrim

Intuitive operation

The IN and OUT points can be found quickly and intuitively by rotating the circular thumbnails. The unique and original interface is inherited from its sister product frame grabber .

rotating the circular thumbnails

File size and duration check

To avoid a situation in which the file size of the video file you'd created is too large to upload, indicators at the top show you visually if the file size is within the limit to upload to YouTube and Facebook. video trimmer also displays the size estimate of the trimmed file along with the duration.

Size and Duration

Share the trimmed video

If the trimmed video looks fine after previewing, you save it as a new file by tapping the save button at the center. The file is saved onto the external memory of your handset. The app with then ask you if you wish to share the video using any of the video related apps you have on your smartphone.
If you wish to do so,select an app and you will be able to share the video with your friends or family.


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Price : $ 2.99

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