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video connector | Combine Your Videos to Make Your Own Movie. video connector is a simple tool to put together multiple videos you've taken with your smartphone and turn them into one movie.


01. What can I do with video connector?
See the introductory page for details.
02. What are frames?
A frame is one of the thousands of still images that make up a video.
03. How do I use video connector?
View the getting started video to learn how to use video connector.

Requirements and Functionality

01. Can I install video connector onto a memory card (SD card)?
You can install video connector onto a memory card (SD card) if your smartphone runs Android OS version 2.2 or later.
02. Can I use video connector without a memory card (SD card)?
You can use video connector without a memory card (SD card) if your device has internal storage.
You cannot use them without a memory card (SD card) if your device does not have internal storage.
When both internal storage and a memory card (SD card) are available, SDNA applications use internal storage.
03. Where are combined videos saved?
They are saved in the [videoconnector] folder in the external memory area, such as on a memory card.
04. Where are combined videos saved when multiple external memory areas (such as memory cards) are available?
The [videoconnector] folder is created on the first external memory area that your smartphone recognizes. Combined videos are saved in this folder.
05. How are combined video files named?
The following pattern is used:vc_year, month, day, hour, minute, second.
Example: vc_20111103153922.3gp
06. What date taken and date modified values does the combined video file have?
Both the date taken and the date modified are set to the date the videos are combined.
07. What video formats can video connector import?
video connector imports the video formats recorded by supported smartphone models. You may also be able to import the following video formats:
- .mp4 or 3GP
- Video data compressed using H.263, MPEG-4 or H.264/AVC
08. What restrictions are there on what videos can be combined?
Only videos recorded by same smartphone model in the same recording mode can be combined. Therefore, only videos recorded with the same data compression standard can be combined.
09. Can video connector import 3D video files recorded by a smartphone and create a file from them?
It depends on your smartphone model. Some smartphones can import 3D video files and then use video connector to create a file. The combined video file, however, may or may not be able to be played back as a 3D video.
10. What format is used for combined videos?
The combined video will be in the same format as the files used to create it.
11. Does combining video files change the original files in any way?
No. The original files used to create the combined video are not altered.
12. Do combined video files have audio?
If the files used to create the combined file have audio, then the combined file will have audio.
13. Are video and audio synchronization maintained when files are combined?
video connector includes special checks of the start and end points of the videos as well as of their audio tracks to help ensure that audio/video synchronization is not lost.
14. Can video connector recognize videos that do no have audio?
video connector recognizes videos without audio when they are in .mp4 or .3gp format.
15. Is there maximum file size that video connector can import or create?
video connector can import and create files smaller than 2GB.
16. What is the maximum video resolution supported by video connector?
video connector can import videos with resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.
17. Does video connector support videos recorded with the smartphone's built-in camera?
Yes, video connector supports videos recorded with the smartphone's built-in camera.
18. Can video connector import video files recorded with a vertical orientation?
video connector can import vertically oriented videos, but some smartphone models will play them back horizontally by rotating them 90 degrees.
19. How can I keep the list of applications that can use created video files from appearing after a file is created?
Push the Menu button, select Options, and clear the "Share file after creation" check box. By default, this box is selected.
20. How can I set up video connector so I see only video files trimmed with video trimmer?
Push the Menu button, select Options, and then select "Folder display". Only videos trimmed by video trimmer will be displayed on the video selection screen.
21. What do the colors mean for the size check displayed on the upper part of the screen?
Green:The output file will be within the limits for maximum duration and file size.
Red:The output file will exceed the limits.
22. How do I change the settings for the size check?
Push the Menu button, select Options, and then select "Size check". Select the title you want to change. You can change the title, the maximum file size, and the maximum duration.
23. How do I return the size check to its default values?
Push the Menu button, select Options, and then select "Restore default settings".
24. How do I turn off display of one or more size checks?
Push the Menu button, select Options, and then select "Size check". Clear the check boxes of the size checks you don't want to display.
25. Why is the file size displayed for the combined file different than the sizes of the original videos added together?
The combined file usually includes additional header information that causes it to vary from the sum of the source files by about 1%.
26. Can other applications start video connector?
You can start video connector from within other applications, such as Gallery, that can share videos by selecting the Share button. You can also start it by selecting multiple video files and selecting the Share button.
27. Why are the thumbnail images shown for the same video different on the file selection screen and the main screen?
In the file selection dialog, the thumbnail displayed is from the middle of video.
On the main screen, the thumbnail displayed is the first image in the video.
This is why different thumbnails are displayed for the same video file.
28. When previewing all connected videos, playback stops at the point one video ends and the next begins. Will the combined video also stop at this point?
No, the combined video will continue smoothly. This behavior occurs only in the preview as video connector prepares the source video files.


01. Why am I unable to combine two videos recorded with the same smartphone using the same recording mode?
Video files are created by compressing video data. That video data is then uncompressed as the video is played back. In rare cases, the particular arrangement and timing of uncompressing data in two video files makes it impossible for video connector to combine them.
02. Why must video connector close when I connect my smartphone to my computer?
video connector must be closed when the smartphone is connected to a computer, because both video connector and the computer can access the memory card. To avoid competing attempts to access the same data on the memory card, potentially leading to data corruption, video connector must close.
video connector is also forced to close while you are installing video connector onto a memory card.
03. Why aren't my video files displaying in video connector?
Make sure that the videos you want to display are in a format supported by your smartphone.
Also, videos that are not displayed in your smartphone's preinstalled video applications, such as Gallery, will not appear in video connector.
04. While I was combining files, an error message appeared and no combined file was created. What should I do?
Check that there is enough free space on the memory card. Combining files requires you to have free space equal to more than twice the size of the file to be created.
05. I attached a file to an e-mail that was within the limits in the size check, but I was unable to send it because it was too big. What's wrong?
Attaching a video file to an e-mail may cause the file to be encoded in a way that increases its size. Try creating a smaller combined file.
06. Why is video connector displaying white boxes instead of my videos' thumbnails?
video connector may display white boxes for thumbnails when there is not enough memory available to properly retrieve and render the thumbnails. This can be caused by the number of applications running, the number of thumbnails to be displayed, or fragmentation of the smartphone's memory.
Such problems usually resolve themselves as you work with video connector, but in the rare cases they don't, try restarting video connector or try quitting other applications to increase the amount of available memory.


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