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video connector | Combine Your Videos to Make Your Own Movie. video connector is a simple tool to put together multiple videos you've taken with your smartphone and turn them into one movie.

video connector

Connect your videos

With a simple operation, video connector allows you to connect the videos you've taken with your smartphone.
When video files cannot be connected because they have different picture resolution or different file format, the connector icons between the thumbnails visually show you the alert.

Can Be Connected - Cannot Be Connected

Videos with same picrue resolution can be connected - Videos with different picrue resolution cannot be connected

Simple operation

The operation on video connector is done using the button at the center.
When you push the circle button to the left, the video in focus at the bottom is moved forward.
When you push it to the right, the video is shifted back.
Push it up and you can add new videos, and push it down and you can remove the video.

Add Video - Move Video Forword - Delete Video - Move Video Backward

File size and duration check

To avoid a situation in which the file size of the video file you'd created is too large to upload, indicators at the top show you visually if the file size is within the limit to upload to YouTube and Facebook.
video connector also displays the size estimate of the connected file along with the duration.

Within the limit. Can be uploaded. - Beyond the limit. Cannot be uploaded. - Size and Dulation


Before connecting the video, you can preview the videos.
This can be done all together or individually.

Preview one video in focus - Preview all videos sequentially

Use with video trimmer

Simple video editing can be done if you use video connector along with video trimmer.
Extract the good scenes out from the original videos using video trimmer first, and then use video connector to combine those scenes.
The two apps allow you to enjoy cut-editing of your videos.


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Price : $ 2.99

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