December 26th, 2012 Transferring your album data from one Android handset to another

If you’re a million moments lover (I’m sure you are), and have just bought a new Android handset, you would want to transfer your album data from your old Android handset to the new handset. If you are an iOS user, you can do the data transfer using iTunes.

We are happy to share with you that with new updated million moments app for Android, the data transfer from one Android handset to another can now be done with a few steps. Here is the procedure.

1. Take backup data using million moments.
Go to the setting screen and select “Back up your data”. Tap “OK”.

2. Move your photos and backup data
Quit million moments and move your data from your old handset to your new handset using PC or simply by moving SD card from one to another. You need to move the “MillionMomentsBackup” folder and all the folders that contain the pictures you have imported to million moments.

3. Restore data on your new handset.
Launch million moments on new handset. If the data was transferred correctly onto the SD Card stored in your new handset, you will see the following message. Select “Yes”.

Select the backup data with time and day you took your backup. Tap “OK”.

Tap “OK” again.


Now you can enjoy your million moments albums on your new handset!

For more details please refer to our product information page.

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