December, 17th, 2012 Tips on creating good motiongraph works

Hi this is Gokaichi. Have you had a chance to try out our motiongraph? Creating a motiongraph work is fun, but if you know the tips on how to make a really good one, you'll be able to raise the level of your work to the next level. So let me share with you the two tips today.

1. Move only a small part of your picture
An image looks more natural if you move a small part of your picture, rather than the whole picture. This allows the picture to look more like a plain photo at a glance. Your friend will be amazed when he or she discovers that actually, it's not. So look for a scene in which the portion you want to move is small.

2. Move a portion with a subtle motion Your work will look more like an art, if you make the motion in your picture subtle. The waving skirt in this picture gives kind impression to the picture itself. The subtle motion adds taste to the work and does not distract the image.

Have you also noticed that her shadow also moves slightly? Small point, but lights and shadows help you brush up your work too.

It may take some time to find a good scene or target at first, but creating the work with motiongraph app isn't difficult at all. It only takes a few moves of your finger tip. Please give it a try if you haven't. See you!

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