November, 29th, 2012 The winners of million moments photo competition

Hi, this is Gokaichi. Thank you all once again for participating in our million moments photo competition held in October. Today, we're announcing the three lucky winners of the contest, each with the comments from our judge.

1st place to win Sony Digital Camera "Cyber-shot" DSC-RX100: @dezebel
Comments from our judge
"Something we can all relate to - the affection towards a first pet.
"What I like most is that the rabbit is still nibbling away, joy aside.
"I can't help but smile at this photo."

2nd place to win Sony Digital Photo Frame "S-Frame" DPF-C800: @R93
Comments from our judge
"A photo that really reflects the magic of the summer in London during the Olympics and Paralympics."
"The volunteers were particularly prominent in creating this air of euphoria around the Games, and this incorporates that."
"A lovely shot."

3rd place to win Sony Digital Photo Frame "S-Frame" DPF-C70A: @LukeJW93
Comments from our judge
"It's hard to avoid the art-y pictures that sometimes border on cliche."
"But this one really catches my eye. It's like a painting."
"I don't know where it is - but this picture certainly does it justice."

Congratulations to the three winners! Seeing these great works, I'm highly motivated again to take the photos that capture the special moments of my life. See you!

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