November, 1st, 2012 Zoo visit

Hi, this is Gokaichi. I went to a zoo at the end of September with my child. He was so happy to see the lions and the giraffes he only see in his picture books. He however was too scared to hold baby chicks or the hamsters on his hands at the small animals' cage. And I got so preoccupied by the cute little penguins that I took more penguin photos than my own son.

It's been almost a half year since I started using million moments. The number of pages of my children's album has grown along with their growth. When you want to take a quick look-back of such an album, you might want to do so by changing the setting of the album temporarily, by adjusting the "Book time span." Give it a try, if you've never done it before. See you! posted by gokaichi | Category: tips |  Previous article