July, 17th, 2012 Labeling while commuting on public transportation

The labels are one of the unique features of million moments. To be honest, I'm sure that there are a lot of you out there who's not excited by the idea of organizing your photos using labels. I used to be one of such people, and I still don't organize photos stored on my PC. I don't feel I have time or the enthusiasm.

Two weeks ago on my train, I was looking back at my photos with million moments because I finished reading my book and there was nothing to do. I saw my son appearing on several pages, so I started adding labels to those photos. I only put about four or five labels, but the book of my son with the new photos looked much nicer than I expected.

(My son is into flowers recently.)

I still don't push myself at home to organize all the photos I have, but I take my spare time while commuting or at my lunch time to enjoy looking back at my photos and adding labels to them if I feel like doing so. How do you like to organize your photos? See you!

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