June, 14th, 2012 Cropped in an unexpected way?

Hi again, have you enjoyed Goka’s post? The two of us together will be bringing to you the tips on how to make the most out of the app. Get ready for the fun stuff!

Today, I would like to answer to one of the most frequently asked questions; what can I do if my pictures are laid out like this?

First, to avoid the faces being cropped wrongly, we recommend you to run our picture analysis. The picture analysis feature goes through your photos and recognizes the position of the face in each photo. To run it, go to the setting option and select the “Picture analysis.” The analysis may take minutes, depending on the number of the photos not yet analyzed.

If it didn’t solve your problem, then there is another option. Hold down on the picture you wish to move until you see the message “Drag to select the display area.”

This will allow you to drag the picture. Let go your finger once, and then drag the picture to show the hidden portion. When you’re done, just tap any dark area around the highlighted picture to go back. Once you’ve made the adjustment, the app will automatically save the change, so that you won’t need to make the same adjustment again.

I hope this tip will help you make your album even more lovable.

Note: The screen shots of Android version are used in this blog. The images may slightly be different for the iOS version.

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