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picture rater | picture rater is an entertainment app for picture manager users that helps you add rating (stars) to the photos in your handset.

picture rater is an entertainment app for picture manager users that helps you add rating (stars) to the photos in your handset. Just by playing with picture rater, you will be able to rate your photos in a fun way, and sort out photos by your preference (stars) using picture manager.

Note: picture manager is needed to be installed onto your handset to run picture rater.

Rate your photos at your spare time

When you add rating to the photos you have, you will be able to segregate good photos from not-so-good photos. However, rating the photos one by one tends to be a tedious task. That’s where picture rater comes into play. It helps you add rating to your photos quickly in a game-like way. Play with the app for a couple minutes whenever you have spare time, and rated photos builds up in your handset.


Don’t think, just pick.

Two randomly selected photos appear at top and bottom when you start the app. Don’t think, just pick the better picture out from the two, and tap it. The rating for the each of the two photos changes automatically according to the choice you have made.

Tap fast many times if you saw a photo of a lifetime

If picture rater showed you a photo you just love so much that you wish to give it a maximum rating, show your affection by tapping the photo quickly and repeatedly. picture rater will raise its rating as you tap until it reaches its maximum count.

Pick color to match your picture manager

Just as picture manager, you can pick the theme color of the app from blue, pink, and gray.


Use with picture manager

picture rater is a free app for picture manager users. If the following screen appeared on your handset, please make a purchase of picture manager.


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Price : Free

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