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picture manager | Organize Your Photo and Video with Your Fingertip. picture manager helps you manage all the photos and videos you've taken with your smartphone.

Easy access to the files

The two-pane view

The two-pane view of picture manager allows you to access the pictures quickly, without digging into the folders and finding yourself lost in the file system. Simply select the folder you want to see in the left pane, and find the pictures in the right pane.

Screen Screen

The partition bar in the center can be moved to the left or to the right, and the size of the thumbnails can be changed, allowing you to increase or decrease the number of thumbnails you want to see at a glance. You can also choose to see file information along with the thumbnails.

Drag this bar Screen Screen

Finding pictures quickly using sort function

The pictures can be sorted by title, file name, file type, date, and file size. And the button at the top left corner allows you to switch the view mode so that you see still pictures only, videos only, or both.

Change sort key Screen Switch view mode

Organize your pictures as you wish

Organize using labels and ratings


The labels and the ratings help you manage your pictures without moving the actual location of the files within the file system. picture manager allows you to add such data onto your pictures.
For example, you can put “pet” label onto the pictures of your pet so that you can extract those pictures of your pet later, or you can put five-star rating to the excellent pictures you have taken so that they won’t get lost in all the other pictures.

Labels Labels Rating

Copy, move, or delete pictures / Create new folder

picture manager allows you to select multiple pictures to copy, move, or delete them all at once. The picture select options at the bottom provide various ways to select pictures. You can “select all”, “cancel”, “reverse”, or “select next” pictures.

Screen select all - cancel - reverse - select next - menu

Screen Screen

Change the background color to match your taste

In addition to the management features, picture manager comes with three preset background colors -blue, pink, and gray- to match your taste.

Background colors Background colors Background colors

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Price : $ 2.49

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