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photo movie creator HD | Turn Your Photos into a Heart-Touching Movie. photo movie creator HD is an app that allow you to create a Photo Movie, a short movie made by combining your photos with a music, and share it with your friends and family through social network service.

Select photos, and done


All you need to do to make a Photo Movie is to select a group of photos and the photos within the group that you wish to use in your Photo Movie. That's it. A Photo Movie is automatically created using the photos you have chosen.

The photos within your tablet are sorted by their date, event, and location to help you quickly reach the photos you're looking for.


When the Photo Movie is created, you can see at the bottom the options to make your Photo Movie look even better. You can edit the Photo Movie to your likings using these options.

Variety of Photo Movie templates

photo movie creator is equipped with 18 different templates each designed to best meet the mood of the theme. The photos you've taken on your trip, at party, or at any other occasion will turn into a heart-moving Photo Movie using these templates.


The music can also be changed to any of the ones stored on your handset. Please note that if you wish to upload a Photo Movie with a music from your library, the music will automatically be changed to the one stored within the app in order to protect the copyright of the artist.

Full screen playback

You can also enjoy your Photo Movie full screen with a touch of a button. You can turn your tablet into a digital photo frame by doing so. Or if your tablet is equipped with TV-out function, you can play it back full screen on your TV and enjoy it with your family in your living room.

Share your moments with your friends on Facebook

You can share your special moments with your friends by uploading your Photo Movies to Facebook. The Photo Movies shared on Facebook can also be viewed by smartphones and tablets using "photo movie creator" app for smartphones or "photo movie creator HD" app for tablets.


* Links to "photo movie creator" for smartphones:
Google Play
App Store

Share your Photo Movie with all "photo movie creator" users


You can also share your Photo Movie with other "photo movie creator" users simply by checking "public" box upon uploading. The public photo movies that are popular with high number of playbacks and ones that were uploaded recently are displayed in the app for you to playback. Let's enjoy the works from people all around the world.

photo movie creator HD uses Windows Azure Platform for sharing Photo Movie created by the app.

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Price : $ 7.49

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