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This app has been tested for compatibility with the following models.
It may operate on models not listed, but compatibility cannot be assured. The list of tested models will be updated regularly.

photo editor

photo editor


Model Maker Camera Function Test Results Limitation
 DEFY Motorola Good  -
 Droid 2 Motorola Good  -
 Droid Bionic Motorola Good  -
 Droid X Motorola Good  -
 DROID INCREDIBLE Motorola Good  -
 Epic 4G Samsung Electronics Good  -
 HTC EVO 4G HTC Good  -
 HTC MyTouch 4G HTC Good  -
 HTC Sensation HTC Good  -
 HTC Thunderbolt HTC Good  -
 LG Optimus 2X LG Electronics Good  -
 LG Optimus S LG Electronics Good  -
 Milestone Motorola Good  -
 Nexus One HTC Good  -
 Samsung Epic Galaxy S Samsung Electronics Good  -
 T-Mobile G2x T-Mobile Good  -
 Vibrant Galaxy S Samsung Electronics Good  -