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photo editor | All the Magic You Can Do with Photo. photo editor is the all-in-one photo editing tool equipped with all the special tricks, e.g. special effects, frames, stickers, and other editing features, you can do to your photos.

photo editor Edit

Easy to Use Interface

With editing commands frequently used such as delete, undo, or redo always appearing on screen as buttons, you cannot be lost on how to operate the task you wish to perform.

Menu Button

Highly Flexible Layout Function

You can change the layout of your objects anytime and as many times as you wish. And the order of the objects can be changed also.
For example, when a message balloon is covered with a sticker, you can always shift the balloon to the top-most position to make it visible.

A sticker covers a message balloonThe balloon is moved to the top-most position

Wide Variety of High Quality Special Effects

photo editor has 41 built in high quality special effects.
The samples of the effects can be visually confirmed before applying each effect.

Effect samples

Example of special effects

Frames for Both Landscape and Portrait Photos

photo editor comes with frames designed to match not only the photos taken in landscape mode but also the photos taken in portrait mode.
Furthermore, the frames will match both photos taken in wide mode (16:9 ratio) and standard mode (4:3 ratio).

Portrait Landscape Portrait Landscape

Change the Size of Your Photo

Size-change function allows you to change the size of the photo, enabling you to best meet your objective.
(The number of pixels cannot exceed 1280 x 720 or 1024 x 768.)
For example, you may want to shrink the size of a photo to send it from your smartphone as an email attachment.

Input the size in pixels

Use with Other Apps from Sony Digital Network Applications

A photo taken from a video by "frame grabber" can be made more dramatic by decorating it with photo editor.

Cut-out a photo from a video - Edit the photo

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Price : $ 2.49

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