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motiongraph | Move your photo. Amaze your friends with a photo that moves.

The Share Server used to upload and share your work created with Motiongraph app was closed on March 15th, 2016. To share your work, you can use "Send" function that appears by tapping menu button next to your work. This will allow you to send your work to social network app in your smartphone. (How your work appear on social network will depend on each service.)


01. What can I do with motiongraph?
See the introductory page for details.
02. Can I use motiongraph on devices that do not have a camera?
No, you cannot install motiongraph onto devices that do not have a camera.
03. How do I use motiongraph?
View the getting started video to learn how to use motiongraph.

Requirements and Functionality

01. Can I install motiongraph onto a memory card (SD card)?
You can install motiongraph onto a memory card (SD card) if your smartphone runs Android OS version 2.2 or later.
02. Can I use motiongraph without a memory card (SD card)?
You can use motiongraph without a memory card (SD card) if your device has internal storage.
You cannot use them without a memory card (SD card) if your device does not have internal storage.
When both internal storage and a memory card (SD card) are available, SDNA applications use internal storage.
03. How much free space is required on the external storage, such as a memory card (SD card)?
We recommend you have 512 MB or more of free space.
04. Can motiongraph start when another camera application is running?
On Android, only one application can use the camera at a time. Other applications that use the camera must release it before motiongraph can start, because only then can motiongraph access the camera.
05. Can motiongraph start when the device's battery is low?
Please make sure the device is sufficiently charged when using motiongraph. motiongraph itself can start with a low battery, but the camera may not be able to be used, or the battery might run out in the middle of editing an image.
06. In what format does motiongraph save its images?
Images are saved as animated GIF files.
07. Where does motiongraph save its images?
Images are saved in the "motiongraph" folder on the external storage, such as a memory card (SD card). The location where images are saved cannot be changed.
08. If multiple external storage areas, such as SD cards, are available, where does motiongraph save its images?
If multiple external storage areas are available, images are saved to the external storage area that the Android device recognized first.
09. How are output files named?
motiongraph saves images using the following pattern: "<output year><month><day>_<hour><minute><second>.<file extension>"
Example: 20121126_153922.gif
10. Can I delete images saved on a smartphone with motiongraph?
To delete a motiongraph image from the SD card of a smartphone:
1. Display the image you want to delete by going to SD card.
2. Select Image info from the menu
3. Tap Delete.
11. What is the transparent gray frame on the camera screen?
The area outside the transparent gray frame on the camera screen will not appear in the final image. Make sure the images you want to capture remain inside the gray frame.
12. On edit screen after recording, why are the motion area and the still area already defined before I’ve made any adjustments?
motiongraph’s detection feature detects movement in the recorded video automatically and provides a “best guess” as to which part of the image you will want to have move. To change, for example, the area that will remain still, tap Still, and drag to change the area that will remain still.


01. Why am I unable to download or install motiongraph?
If you are having difficulty downloading and installing motiongraph, possible causes include:

- The download is working fine, but has not finished.
Depending on the speed of data transfer, the download may take some time. Try changing your connection to 3G or Wi-Fi, or wait a while and try downloading the application again.

- There is not enough free space in your smartphone’s memory.
Installation may not be possible when there isn't enough free space in your smartphone's memory. Try increasing the free space on your smartphone's memory and attempting to install motiongraph again.
02. Why won't motiongraph start?
If motiongraph won’t start:
- Make sure that your smartphone is on the list of tested models.
- motiongraph may not start when other applications are using too much of the smartphone’s memory. Try closing other applications and then starting motiongraph.


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