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Move your photo. motiongraph is a smartphone application that creates unusual images in which part of the image moves like a video. Amaze your friends with these unique images that are limited only by your imagination.

The Share Server used to upload and share your work created with Motiongraph app was closed on March 15th, 2016. To share your work, you can use "Send" function that appears by tapping menu button next to your work. This will allow you to send your work to social network app in your smartphone. (How your work appear on social network will depend on each service.)

motiongraph demo movie

How to use motiongraph

Start the application to display new images created by others.
To create an image:

  1. Tap the Create icon at the upper right of the screen. A screen where you can take a picture is displayed.

    Skirt Record

  2. Tap the Record icon to start recording a video about 2 seconds in length.
    When you stop recording, you’re taken to the edit screen.


  3. Swipe across the screen to define the areas that you want to move or not to move. Tap the Motion icon or the Still icon to choose a behavior, and then swipe to specify an area.
    When you specify the area that will move, the animation plays on the screen. When you specify the area that will remain still, the unmoving part is highlighted in green.


  4. When you are done editing, tap the check icon at the bottom of the screen to save your work as an animated GIF image.

Adjusting camera settings for recording

The following camera settings can be adjusted for recording:
- Photo light
- Focus mode
- White balance
- Scene
- Exposure

Carefully adjusting the white balance and exposure helps you create a better image by producing a more seamless edge between the moving and unmoving parts of the image.

Camera menu

Editing features to fine-tune your image

motiongraph a range of features to enhance your control of your image.


  1. Specify the start point (In point) and end point (Out point) for the moving part of the image.
  2. Adjust playback speed. The moving video can play at anything from slow motion to fast forward
  3. Control the smoothness of the playback, from smooth to jumpy.
  4. Loop playback. The movement can restart at the beginning, or go back and forth, forward and then backward.

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