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Sony Digital Network Applications—"SDNA" for short. SDNA is more than just another corporate acronym. For us, SDNA represents our fundamental mission: We take the creative DNA that has made our parent, Sony, an international leader and apply it to the world of software.

As software professionals, we apply the Sony ethos by searching for the deepest opportunities for software to enrich lives, and then we work tirelessly to realize those opportunities in the products we create. For us, success means delighting and surprising our users in the ways our software products integrate with and add to their lives.

It’s by improving the lives of our users that we define our brand.
Today, software engineering can change the world as never before. For proof, you need look no further than the revolution that has come from the marriage of portable communications devices and social networking. We are committed to embracing such revolutionary change in software and leading the charge into new realms. Wherever software is changing the world, you’ll find us hard at work.

Our most passionate goal is to make the name "Sony Digital Network Applications" synonymous with software excellence.

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